In your initial survey of crane operations, look for crane stability, physical obstructions to movement or operation, and proximity of electrical power lines, as well as the following:

Leveling Has the crane operator set the crane up level and in a position for safe rotation and operation?

Outriggers Are the outriggers, where applicable, extended and being used in accordance with manufacturer's recommendations?

Stability The relationship of the load weight, angle of boom, and its radius (the distance from the cranes center of rotation to the center of load) to the center of gravity of the load. Also, the condition of crane loading where the load moment acting to overturn the crane is less than the moment of the crane available to resist overturning.

Structural Integrity The crane's main frame, crawler, track and outrigger supports, boom sections, and attachments are all considered part of structural components of lifting. In addition, all wire ropes, including stationary supports, help determine lifting capacity and are part of the structural elements of crane operations.