General Load Chart: Manufacturer's operating notes supplied with the machine contain important information concerning proper set-up, operation and additional points that need to be considered when calculating load handling capacities of cranes. Mistakes in calculating capacity can cause accidents.

Several factors to be considered when calculating a cranes load capacity, including the following:

Load Radius: the horizontal distance between the center of the crane rotation to center of gravity of the load.

Boom length: including the jib, swing away extension or any other attachments that may increase length of the boom.
Parts of line:

Quadrant of operation: the area of operation that the lift is being made in; note different quadrants usually have lower lifting capacities.

Boom angle: the angle formed between the horizontal plane of rotation and center line of the boom.

Weight of any attachments: jib, lattice extension or auxiliary boom point.

Weight of handling devices: ball, block, and/or any necessary rigging.